Living a Life of Wellness

What does it mean to have Wellness?

Wellness is a state of ease, and an absence of dis-ease. It’s choosing to participate in healthy habits and positive lifestyle choices that both nourish and empower you physically, mentally and spiritually.

In Naturopathy, we take a holistic approach that encompasses the healing power of nature, traditional herbal medicine, nutritional therapeutics and lifestyle advice to create optimal wellness for you.


Take Control Of Your Health

Gain More Energy

Our holistic approach uses natural medicine to address underlying health conditions that contribute to ongoing fatigue. This process helps you gain more energy, feel refreshed and overall, live healthier and better.

Feel More Motivated

Both mental and physical health issues influence our energy levels, which impacts our motivation. Our supportive model aims to educate, empower and motivate you through-out your health and wellness journey.

Refresh Your Vitality

Vitality is your life force, your ability to live, grow and have both physical and mental energy. Our holistic approach explores all avenues of health that may be influencing your vitality, restoring it back to balance.

Hi, I'm Lisa.

And my goal is to help you live better.

I feel very passionately about natural medicine as it encompasses the mind, body and spirit as well as addressing the many social factors that may influence health.

I feel very strongly that natural and modern medicine should complement each other and work together towards better health outcomes for all people. This may include a revision of a person’s diet to reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases or a diet that is used to enhance the efficacy of their medications. It may also be the use of herbal medicines or supplements to improve health and wellness.

I have spent many years studying natural medicine, having gained my Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) and a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition. My studies are currently continuing towards a Master of Human Nutrition qualification. I am a qualified fitness instructor and have studied cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in London so love to put a healthy twist on traditional recipes.

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