Better Outcomes Through
Holistic Practice

We Treat The Whole Body

And Not Just The Symptom

We believe that to create results, we must first understand the underlying root cause of the condition, targeting in on the source of dis-ease. Using a range of traditional and modern, holistic treatment techniques, we ensure that we treat the whole self, and not just the symptom, bringing your body back into balance and optimising your health and wellbeing. 

Below are the key areas we look to assist with

Gut Health


Nutrient Balance




Immune Function


Low Energy

Nutritional Medicine

Healing Through Food

Nutritionists practice evidence-based medicine, meaning that scientific evidence is utilised for decision-making and developing personalised nutritional guidance. They view each person as having very individual nutritional requirements and focus on the overall improvement of health and wellbeing. A diet consisting of nutrient dense foods has been shown to improve sleep patterns, mental health and to reduce obesity and the associated risks of chronic disease.

Nutrients are the building blocks of our body and as such play the most important role in our physical and mental well-being. Nutritional medicine aims to encourage people of all ages to eat a balanced diet of nutrient dense foods and to continue this over their lifetime. A daily routine of enjoying healthy foods leads to improved health, mental wellbeing and vitality.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Herbal Medicine

The Healing Power of Herbs

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, is the use of plants or parts of plants for therapeutic benefit having been utilised for thousands of years and is a system that is still very relevant in our modern times. The professional use of liquid herbal extracts can provide personalised therapeutic formulations that address individual requirements.

The benefits of using herbs can also be a simple process of including aromatic herbs to your cooking or making a herbal tea. We can find herbal medicines and supplements on the shelves in most health stores and supermarkets, however, it is essential to consult a qualified herbal practitioner before taking therapeutic medicinal herbs.

Herbal medicines can take many forms such as fresh herbs, powder, tablet, capsule or tinctures and extracts. The use of liquid herbal extracts is found to have great benefit due to the bioavailability of the active chemicals from the plants whereas the use of tablets or capsules can be more convenient for the individual.

The complex nature of plant chemicals have shown to be of therapeutic benefit in many conditions. The active constituents of plants used in herbal medicine are increasingly being researched and validated through scientific evidence-based investigation with many modern pharmaceutical medicines using plant-derived chemicals.

"Just as the flowers grow from the earth, so the remedy grows in the hands of the physician" - Paracelsus

Lifestyle Modification

Embracing Positive Growth Through Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle factors cover just about every aspect of your life, and what you do, and how you choose to live, can have a significant impact on your health over your lifespan. Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake or lack of exercise could result in a higher risk of chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes or heart conditions.

A balanced diet, getting quality sleep, regularly exercising, stopping smoking and eliminating or reducing alcohol will bring greater vitality, clarity and increase one’s lifespan and overall wellbeing. Choosing to participate in better lifestyle habits creates a better environment for us physically, mentally and spiritually.

In this modern age of fast-paced life it is important to take time out and nurture yourself. This can take many forms such as making time to exercise regularly, learning to cook more nutritious meals, meditation, bushwalks or dance, what ever makes you smile and feel joyful within yourself.

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